Dec 09, 14

Bid on a Cancer Band Signed by Stana! Proceeds go to Charity

Click here for a chance to bid on a cancer band signed by Stana! The bands were made to support Castle crew member Jay Galbo and the money will go to charity.

I have worked on the TV show “Castle” for the past six years and last year was diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer. Over the past year the “Castle Family” and “Castle Fandom” fans have overwhelmed me with Love and Support. This cancer band #avoiceforjay Let the Fight Begin was passed out to crew and a few fans all over the world to support my journey/recovery. With the crew and fans requests, we are auctioning off two bands. One signed by Stana Katic “this auction”… and one signed by Nathan Fillion “other auction”. Worn by two crew members Tony H. and Tina A. for over a year to raise money for Providence Foundation. 100% of the money will go to Head and Neck Cancer patients. Pre and Post Dental Care in treatment not covered by insurance. Thanks so much Jay Twitter @ jayway728 # avoiceforjay # Castle # Castlefandom