Aug 30, 13

Castle 6×01 “Valkyrie” Spoilers & Teasers

Just finished watching the Season 6 Premiere of Castle, entitled “Valkyrie”. The title is apropos, so I’ll give you the definition/origin for future reference.


The episode picks back up exactly where we left our main characters in the spring. Talking while sitting on the swingset. Before you ask – and I know you will – I can’t tell you what Kate’s answer to Rick is in regards to his proposal. Everyone’s seen the pictures, but it’s not that cut and dry(ish). I will say that she gives him every answer imaginable, and there’s a little bit of confusion until she clears things up.

I don’t think it’s any surprise to reveal that part of the episode takes place in DC, so I won’t bother to play coy there. If I were a spitter, I could spit and hit DC – so I had a couple of nits with some of that storyline. I think the one thing I truly hated was that someone just didn’t do enough research to find out what streets/landmarks to use that would make sense. Here’s a map, (right) so when you watch the episode – keep this in your head. Or come back – It’ll still be here. *grin*

Not all of the main cast are back yet, but we do have a couple of new/returning faces. Maya Stojan is back as the 12th Precinct’s tech guru, Tory Ellis. I don’t know why, but I really like her as a recurring character. She grew on me. Then there’s “Pi”. What can I say about Pi… Well, he’s played by Myko Olivier – which you probably already knew. He’s a ‘friend’ of Alexis’ – which again, you knew. Here’s something I’ll give you! Any male friend of Alexis would rub Castle the wrong way, but Pi digs his own grave with one little sentence. Something that, if you say it to a bestselling author, it’d never endear you to them. Also, he lost his passport. *facepalm*

Lisa Edelstein starts her multi-episode run in Valkyrie, and while her job is completely different, I thought her personality was quite a bit like Captain Gates’. Doesn’t seem derivative, she’s interesting enough. I wasn’t sure whether I’d like her when I heard the casting news – I like Lisa very much, I just didn’t know how she’d fit in on Castle. She’s better than I expected – which is nice.

Someone is abducted – twice. That same person has a gun pulled on them – twice. They don’t all coincide with each other either. Rick gives a couple of sexy caresses, and not all of them are with Kate. (don’t worry, it’s not how it sounds). I know, I’m evil.

Rick is nosy, Kevin is trying to get some practical ‘real-life’ experience through practice, Kate’s hair is amazing, and Martha has to call a lawyer. Sounds like another episode of Castle, right? Coffee, handcuffs, blood, Knicks tickets… y’know – the whole ball of wax. There’s a scene in the Castle de Castle kitchen between Rick & Pi that made me laugh out loud – mostly because of Nathan Fillion’s line delivery.

Before I finish up, I want to give you some pre-emptive words of comfort. If you made it through the summer, you’ll make it to the second episode of the season. Again, I’m evil.

I can’t promise anything, but I loved it – I hope you do too.

Favorite Quotes:

Kate: “It’s better not to die at all.”

Rick: (to Martha) “I’m gonna let this guy fill you in on all the details, he’s best with rhetorical questions.”

Kate: “Can you get that kind that makes me feel all…”
Rick: “I’ll buy a whole case.”

Pi: “Y’know, sometimes the best thing to do… is talk about it.”
Rick: “You know what? You’re absolutely right.” *walks away*
Pi: “Where ya goin’?””
Rick: “Gonna find someone to talk about it with.”

Episode 1 of Season 6 of Castle, “Valkyrie” airs on ABC – Monday, September 23 at 10pm/9pm Central.



The “Castle” Season 6 premiere is coming. Finally.

Thanks to a rather annoying (and awesome) cliffhanger at the end of the Season 5 finale — when Castle (Nathan Fillion) broke out a surprising marriage proposal for Beckett (Stana Katic) — it’s been a long summer for fans of the show. Now that the next season’s premiere is coming, however, the wait is almost over.

Trust me, “Castle” is worth the wait.

The show’s beginning to Season 6 demonstrates exactly why “Castle” is one of the most critically underrated programs on television. Mystery, romance, comedy and high stakes all play a part in closing out last season’s dangling plots while simultaneously pointing the show straight toward its future.

We even get another cliffhanger at the end of the premiere! It’s like the case-of-the-week format is dabbling in serialized television at its best.

But enough of the vague and uninformative compliments. You’re reading this for spoilers. While these are designed to give away very little about the plot or characters of “Castle” Season 6, here are 6 things to know about “Valkyrie.”

1. The answer to Castle’s proposal comes right at the beginning of the episode (before a time jump even). What’s Beckett’s answer? Obviously, I can’t tell you that. But I will say it’s a very “Castle” sort of answer.

2. Don’t know what the title, “Valkyrie,” means? That’s okay. Nobody else in the “Castle” episode knows what it means either — for most of the premiere.

3. Alexis has a new friend. That friend annoys Castle. And not just because this is a person who calls him “Mr. C” and cooks something called “papaya steaks.”

4. Beckett likes red wine with her salmon. There is a specific type of red wine, in fact, that she likes very, very much.

5. There is a car crash. One of the two people in the car is killed. It is possible, however, that the car crash does not kill him.

6. “Are you gonna water-board me? ‘Cause that’s going to seriously affect our relationship.” Out of context, this shouldn’t give away too much. This is a good thing, because lines like this are too good not to share.



When we last saw Castle and Beckett, he asked her to marry him and the seasonended. After a long summer, fans will finally find out Beckett’s answer in the Castle season 6 premiere. She’ll respond to his proposal, but as normal nothing is ever easy for the two of them. Are you ready for it? 

Spoiler alert: This article contains Castle spoilers. They don’t give away the huge moments or surprises, but proceed at your own risk.
Beckett Does Give an Answer
“Valkyrie” picks up with Castle and Beckett at the swings after his proposal. I’m not at liberty to reveal what happens. But, do you really want to know? Okay, you probably do, but trust me, you’ll be glad to watch the opening scene unspoiled.
The aftermath of Castle’s proposal plays out in classic Castle-Beckett style! It’s well worth the wait. After they have their interaction regarding the proposal, the episode has a time jump forward two months.
Executive Producer Andrew Marlowe and the writers take an unexpected route after the proposal. The story went in a direction that I didn’t see coming, but they pulled it off. The premiere is unlike previous episodes in format, which allows us to see our favorite characters in a new, yet informative way.
Danger Lurks and Tragedy Ensues
Beware the papaya steaks! Okay, not really. They may not sound appealing to the appetite, but they don’t pose any harm. Though, real and perceived threats permeate the Castle premiere.
Main characters have quite a few life threatening moments. What happens? Someone is shot multiple times. A person gets in a car crash. There’s an abduction at gun point. And, the premiere ends with someone’s life seriously at risk.
Curiosity Killed the Cat Castle
When Beckett is working on a secret national security case, Castle’s curiosity gets the better of him and he works the investigation on his own. That leads him to interfere with what Beckett’s doing and causes trouble for both of them.
Though, his meddling does save him from the papaya steaks that Alexis’ fruitarian boyfriend has prepared. I’ve never had a papaya steak, but he probably would have preferred that cozy, yet awkward family dinner instead.

When the fifth season of Castle ended with Beckett (Stana Katic) getting her dream job in D.C. and then getting proposed to by what so many fans hope is her dream man, Castle (Nathan Fillion), I argued that there were no stakes because a procedural with all of its core characters in one precinct would never send a character to another district, let alone another state. I felt like there was no way Beckett could take the job, and I really didn’t want her to become a stereotypical “I choose my man over my career” woman either. That’s not the kick-ass Beckett we’ve known her to be. But thankfully Castle’s sixth season premiere answers those concerns within the first three minutes of the episode, setting out to prove Beckett can have her cake and eat it, too. The show might still be named for the author who tags along as what should be a major liability partner for “research” (and love), but “Valkyrie” is most certainly a moment for Katic to stand alone and shine.


“Valkyrie” opens in the moments immediately following Castle pulling out the ring, allowing the characters to discuss how serious he was and how it sounded like he was breaking up with her but also allowing the audience to get her answer immediately. But then it catapults the show– and Beckett– in time and distance to her new FBI training, where she isn’t the self-assured, always hero she has been within the NYPD. Instead she makes mistakes. Big ones. She has to relearn a lot of things and rid herself of other habits. She is no longer looking at evidence but intel, and the instincts that made her such a good detective, caring about victims and witnesses and hostages, can and will trip her up in the bigger leagues. It’s great to finally get to see a different side to Beckett and some different vulnerability from her, too, even if it is a bit short-lived. It’s even better to see her play off Lisa Edelstein, as her senior partner who seems to see a lot of herself in Beckett, flaws and all.

Castle has always been a procedural, even if a character driven one, and this episode is of course no different. Therefore, it doesn’t take long for Castle to pack up for an impromptu weekend with his lady in D.C. and just “happen” to stumble upon a piece of evidence in her classified case. Like the overgrown child that he is, he decides he just has to investigate even when told not to. It’s out of sheer curiosity and the hope that if he helps Beckett solve it fast, they’ll get more time together (you know, not realizing, even after all of this time, there will always be another case and the ones she is working now are matters of national security) so he calls up old pals Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Ryan (Seamus Dever) for some very minimal aid. It’s a way to get the gang back together, but again, in a very minimal way. It gives Esposito and Ryan some brief face time but not anything real to do. They’re basically sounding boards, and that means extensions of scenery. It’s a shame and will be a huge waste of their talent if it is a long-term plan solution to keeping the original cast active.

Something that is impossible not to notice is just how dark the world of the FBI is here. Not only to Beckett, who does carry herself differently, more uncertainly, within its walls, but physically as well. It’s like they couldn’t afford their electric bill anymore. That’s an extremely uncommon representation; on television shows, usually the higher you go, jurisdiction wise, the brighter and flashier and full of more technological toys it is. It’s supposed to entice and intrigue. But not here. Here it certainly seems the show is telling the audience that the FBI is supposed to be the opposite of what you want for Beckett– that she thought it was what shewanted.

Here it also strips the charm and humor right out of Castle himself and exposes him as the liability you kind of forgot he was.

Had Beckett chosen Castle and her “big fish in a little pond” immediately without giving her dream job a shot, she would have regretted it, and a good chunk of the audience would have rejected her for it. Instead, though, the audience has given that new and different world a chance, even if a biased one. That way if Beckett goes back, they can say she gave it the good ole college try, but it wasn’t what she thought, and it puts the people she loves in much too much danger– more than anything 3XK ever did. Of course, it also certainly isn’t a way to keep the story and characters as you’ve known them unfolding, and isn’t comfortable and safe better than new and different and scary anyway? With “Valkyrie”, Castle as a show is having its cake and eating it, too– too.



The best sign of season premieres being right around the corner? Getting notifications that there are screeners for the opening hours of some of my favorite shows available. So, naturally, after watching CASTLE’s season 6 premiere, I want to talk with you guys about what happened.

Of course, I can’t share everything. First of all, what fun would that be for you guys? Second, I’m fairly certain if I did, highly-skilled ninjas would pop out and kick my butt. (Or…something a little more plausible. But I prefer to think it’ll be ninjas.) But thanks to you guys sending in some questions about “Valkyrie” via Twitter and Tumblr, I did my best to answer some things for you. That means there will be plenty of teasing, but the intention is not to ruin your enjoyment of the hour, so I couldn’t answer some of the very specific/spoilery questions you had. But hopefully you’ll still enjoy these teases…

First question, can I have the screener? No? Okay, didn’t think so. So real question, promo tells we pick up at the swings, is there then a time jump? And if there is a time jump, do we actually get an answer? – pinktheatre via Tumblr

Did I mention the ninjas who will kick my butt if I share too much? So sadly, the first answer is no. (But good try!) In all seriousness, yes, the premiere picks up with the swing scene. You’ll get the answer to Castle’s question for Beckett (and maybe another answer to another important question) before we jump two months in the future.

Does seeing 601 change your view, understanding, or opinion of the events in Watershed? @Lokiri217via Twitter

Here’s the thing: I understand why “Watershed” ended the way it did, because the dramatic end of having Castle propose and then letting the fans wonder all summer whether she says yes or no and what that will mean for the show is a great, powerful cliffhanger. That being said, seeing the first scene of the premiere helped handle some of the issues I had with last season’s final scenes, so there’s certainly a part of me that wishes we had gotten even 15 or 20 seconds more of the continuation then. So long ramble-y answer short: yes.

Will we get to see reactions to the proposal from anyone? Eg. Castle’s family, the boys etc.-wouldntneedasecondchance via Tumblr

Alas, due to the time jump, we won’t see any immediate reactions to the proposal and/or Beckett’s response. [Update: Just to clarify, this answer was solely about reactions from everyone else. Like I said above, we will see Beckett’s response to the question before time jumps forward.]

Castle is about a writer and his muse solving crimes, does the shows dynamic change a lot in 6×01 with Kate in DC? – @CourtOsen via Twitter

As CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe said when I questioned him about what a (hypothetical) move for Beckett to D.C. would mean for Castle, “That’s a big hypothetical — if Beckett goes to D.C.!” While I can’t address your specific question, I will say the show doesn’t not feel like CASTLE. It’s not like Beckett and Castle are working in a cupcake shop.

How would you describe the episode in one word? What part of the episode did you love the most? –@AnamikaGrewal via Twitter

Shiny. (Not a FIREFLY reference.) Probably not for the reasons you guys would think, either. But I thought that word multiple times during the episode. And, strangely enough, I enjoyed the ending the most. Which, to be very vague, might not be expected if you know me/what I like in shows, but I appreciated the ending for a reason I can expand on after you guys watch the episode.

Is the book’s dedication explained in the premiere? – @CMcCord25 via Twitter


And a few of my own teases:

– I’d like to keep Lisa Edelstein as long as possible on the show, please. Her dynamic with the characters she interacts with are fantastic.

– Castle pokes around in a way he shouldn’t. Not out of the norm, but the consequences of those actions can often have a greater impact than even he anticipates.

– We get a little glimpse of how people are reacting to Ryan in nesting mode. (Let’s just say there’s a doll…)


Let the pigeons loose! The first returning show season premiere screener is upon us, and it comes courtesy of ABC’s Castle.

However… it also comes with the caveat that two major plot points — the pair of offers Beckett received in the finale — not be discussed. So…. :-/

can say that, as revealed in previous reportage and as indicated by this promo TVLine gave you the other day, the action picks up right there at the swings, where you’ll be hanging on every word. Especially when Beckett interrupts, “There’s something I have to tell you….”

Moments later we get a time jump, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how the rest of the episode was structured, how it shook out, who shared scenes together. The more cynical fans out there will (or, you know, should) be surprised, too.

Annnnd… I’m out of things to say. Except for these 10 bullets:

• Impractical footwear alert! But we’ll totally allow it.

• Castle returns from a 12-city/11-day book tour to find not one but two surprises waiting for him at the loft.

• A major character gets shot, several times.

• A major character is involved in a car crash.

• Ryan is determined to be a master swaddler.

• As previously scooped by the Inside Line: Tory’s back!

• Alexis’ new, fruitarian boyfriend Pi makes a damn juicy papaya steak.

• There’s a pretty jarring (if pretty improbable) fake-out.

• Apparently there is a particular red wine that puts [spoiler] in a particular “mood.”

• The premiere ends with a major character’s life in tremendous jeopardy. “To Be Continued….”