Mar 01, 14

Castle 6×17 ‘In the Belly of the Beast’ Teasers & Articles

Warning: SPOILERS!!

Castle 6×17 Preview: Undercover Beckett’s Caught ‘In the Belly of the Beast’

A screener was released on Feb. 28 for this coming Monday’s episode of “Castle,” and episode seventeen of this season is bound to be an unforgettable and much talked about episode for a good long while, if only due to the graphic nature of the content and emotions it’s sure to elicit upon viewing. This is not a fun, comedic episode with romantic fluff, and there is no happy ending to this particular case of the week. You could say it’s only the beginning of something bigger and far more threatening to Castle and Beckett’s future.

“In the Belly of the Beast” is intense, dark and gritty, stomach-churning at some points and heartbreaking in others. It’s an episode that highlights the dark side of the New York City underbelly and political corruption, the very real danger that Beckett’s life as a NYPD detective presents, and how that affects her and the people who love her. It’s not often that an episode of “Castle” brings me close to tears, but this one did fit the bill. Truth be told, I felt kind of awful at the end of it. It was a rough 43 minutes and not at all what I was expecting (but in a good way.)

Here’s a few more specific spoilers to whet your appetite until Monday:

  • Not everything in the episode is cloaked by a dark, gloomy cloud. Giddy, day-off-from-work Beckett is a sight to behold, and a stark contrast to unemployed Beckett. But, as always, duty calls just as things get good and a cute Caskett moment at the start is interrupted. Poor Castle. You can’t blame him for being frustrated, especially this time as Beckett saucily teases, “[…] it’s clear to me what we both need right now is a really good font.” Katherine Beckett, I swear.

  • Beckett goes through some serious hell during this undercover ordeal though—far worse than what Ryan and Esposito went through during “Knockdown”—and it’s really painful to watch. But not as painful as…

  • a scene around the halfway point that is reminiscent of Beckett facing her mortality in “Still”. It’s a scene with voice over from Beckett as she sets about trying to leave some trace of herself behind for Castle and the others to find in case things go even further south for her with the op. Unfortunately, this screener was another rough cut and it wasn’t Stana Katic’s voice heard in the voice over, but it’s still a powerful moment and probably one that will have many grabbing for their tissue box. I seriously can’t wait to hear/see the final result after ADR completion. It’s a doozy.

  • No Lanie or Alexis in this one, but we briefly get Martha. Gates is awesome as always, the boys help Castle keep his composure throughout (he gets rather riled up at one point) and there’s a scene of Castle looking at Beckett’s empty chair that hurt rather well. The episode is pretty Beckett heavy as far as screen time goes.

  • Lastly, as has been revealed elsewhere from the press, familiar faces make a return in this episode, but one of them might not be who you’d expect to see again. We’ve been specifically asked not to reveal this information, and for very good reason. Here’s hoping it’s kept a surprise for you.

Before the screener, I mentioned on Twitter that this episode might become my favorite of the season if it pans out well enough. I’ve only watched it once so I may have missed something, but there are some issues with the plot in this one that just don’t add up or work for me, and those flaws earn 6×17 some minus points in my book. So, it doesn’t earn the favorite episode spot. However, in terms of episode tone, “In the Belly of the Beast” beats “Disciple,” in my opinion, for best dramatic episode of the season. Stana Katic is a total rockstar and we get a phenomenal performance from her in this episode. Ultimate praise for her. She did some fantastic work.

That’s all from me for now. Strap in and prepare yourselves for one hell of a ride on Monday, folks. See you for the live tweet then.


Castle Preview: Everything You Need to Know About 6.17 “In The Belly Of The Beast” 

So, let me put it this way – this was the best episode of season 6, bar none. In fact, this is the best episode in a really, really long time.

I have to say I wasn’t all that excited to watch the screener because I have been a little bored with the show. It has just felt like I have been watching the same episode over and over again for a while now and – well – I was starting to lose interest. But “In the belly of the beast” changed everything. It was suspenseful, it was fast-paced and it basically had everything I love about these intense episodes. And you know what, I’d been missing those amazing episodes. Think “Knockdown” and “Knockout”; that’s how ridiculously awesome this episode was. And I walked into it completely spoiler free and, boy, that made it all the better because I had no idea what the episode was even supposed to be about.

So here is a little run down of what is going to happen – as spoiler free as possible, of course:

Beckett has a much needed day off and she and Castle are rejoicing in that fact, which was very nice to see. I love watching them actually acting like a couple, discussing wedding plans and things like that. I particularly love it when it doesn’t feel awkward, because – if I am being honest – a few scenes in the past couple of episodes have felt a little forced. But hey, that’s just me, so don’t throw any rocks just yet.

Anyway, Gates interrupts their lazy day off when she calls and tells Kate she needs her to come to the station and that she must come alone. To make a long story short, they want Kate to go to a meeting in some girl’s place and all they know about her is that she is Russian and a low level pawn in a drug scheme. So, basically, she goes in practically blind, and soon finds out it is not at all what they had thought it was and that she is in way over her head with no way to protect herself, no backup, nothing.

After that, I was pretty much on the edge of my seat, biting my nails and hoping that she would survive. Things got so intense that at one point she actually takes the time to write a letter to Castle to say goodbye to him.

All in all, it was a really, really good episode. Stana Katic was amazing – as she always is in this kind of episode – and really hit it out of the park. Also, I don’t know what they are planning for the finale, but if they follow this plotline, I think they set it up nicely for the last episode of the season.



5 Things to Know about Castle’s “In The Belly of the Best”


Could Castle’s upcoming “In the Belly of the Beast” be the show’s best episode of the season?

We think so. We’re fresh off an advance screening of Monday’s episode and we bring you a warning. Prepare to be shocked!

While we’re not about to spoil you with facts that might ruin your enjoyment of the episode, we have 5 key tidbits to share which we feel sure will mentally prepare you for what’s to come. Bring popcorn, a pillow and kleenex. You’re going to need them all.

1. A Really Good Font

When Beckett tells Castle on a lazy Saturday morning that what they both need right now is “a really good font” it’s every bit as suggestive as it sounds. Laugh it up audience. It’s all terror from here on out.

2. Double Identity

“In the Belly of the Beast” is aptly titled. The episode sees Beckett being asked to impersonate a low key female drugs mule who has been taken out of action following an unfortunate incident. Sharing the same height, colouring and ability to speak fluent Russian, Beckett is given the opportunity to go undercover, posing as the other woman, for a quick meeting in a local hotel. There it is  hoped she may be able to bust a drugs ring. Imagining she’ll be home in time for dinner, Beckett accepts the assignment. There’s just one little thing. The other woman is not who we think she is, and Beckett’s quick gig turns into a fight for her life. Expect murder, torture and some very dark material from this Castle instalment.

3. Love Letters Straight From the Heart

Despite the darkness of this particular episode, or perhaps because of it, fans will be treated to a beautifully penned letter from Becett to Castle outlining exactly what it is he means to her. Less romance and more realism, it’s not to be missed, Caskett fans.

4. Kill Or Be Killed

What would you do if your life depended on you taking the life of another innocent person? This is just one of the gut-wrenching positions in which Beckett finds herself this week.

5. Where To From Here?

Why do we like this episode so much? The simple answer is layers (and knock-it-out-of-the-park acting from Stana Katic). “In the Belly of the Beast” builds upon each previous scene with more intrigue, higher stakes, worsening circumstances and nail-biting tension – all set to the creepiest musical score we’ve heard on TV in quite some time. To boot, there’s an open-ended finale which means we haven’t seen the last of this particular storyline. It’s one we think fans will be buzzing about for some time to come.

Castle’s “In the Belly of the Beast” airs Monday Monday, March 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.