Feb 13, 15

Castle 7×15 “Reckoning” Articles & Teasers


Castle – Reckoning – Advance Preview

In the last episode, Castle left us hanging with a major cliffhanger; Beckett had been abducted by an accomplice of Jerry Tyson and Kelly Niemen. As they leave the precinct when our detectives failed to prove that Tyson is in fact Tyson and not Boudreau, our team realizes that something has happened to Beckett.

The second part of this year’s two-parter picks up minutes after the events of the previous episode. Castle, Ryan and Espo arrive where Beckett was supposed to meet Amy Barrett. They try to find out if anyone saw Beckett or what happened to her. Just then Castle notices a cryptic messages left for him by 3XK.

In this episode, the main focus is on Castle as Beckett isn’t even seen until the second half of the episode. During this hour, you will see a very different Castle as he tries to find Beckett – a very dark side, that we rarely get to see. As Castle is sure that Boudreau is actually Tyson, he confronts him even after Gates tells him not to do so as it will weaken their case. Nathan Fillion does remarkable acting which makes this a truly outstanding episode.

Meanwhile, Beckett, who is bound by her captives, tries to free herself before it’s too late.

How does the episode conclude. Will Beckett return safe and sound? Will it bring an end to 3XK or does he manage to escape the clutches of our team again? You’ll have to find that out for yourself but I can say that the ending is very satisfying.

– A very important player in the 3XK story is seen again.
– Apart from taking revenge from Castle, 3XK and Niemen have another use of Beckett.
– Something happens during the episode which makes Castle worry about Alexis and Martha’s safety.
– Something happens between Gates and Castle which has never EVER happened before.
– Someone has to do a thousand hours of community service.

Dialogue Teasers:
You know what I love about this car? All the trunk space.
I want you to know I admire you, I always have.
Please don’t scream, it’s tedious.
If you think I’d ever turn on him, you don’t understand me at all.
So glad you could join me.
It will all be over soon, but I have so enjoyed our time together.

Reckoning airs this Monday at 10/9c on ABC.



Castle: 5 things you need to know about 7.15 “Reckoning”

First of all, hi. I know I have been MIA for the past few months, but things have been a little crazy in real life and I had to take a step back from my fangirl duties. That means that I was a little behind on Castle and the last one I watched was the first episode on the PI storyline. So, saying that I have been completely out of the loop is an understatement. But I got a notification earlier today about a new screener and thought, what the hell, let’s play catch up and get back on business.

So I didn’t catch up completely, but I did watch the first part of the two parter before watching the screener. And all I have to say is that if you think the first part is intense, you won’t know what punched you in the gut when you see the second part.

You guys know my relationship with Castle for the past couple of seasons has been bordering on a love/hate thing. This season, particularly, has been falling on the weak side in my book. But I have to say that this two parter really did the 3XK storyline justice and it was just so ridiculously intense that it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

As usual, you guys know I can’t say much, but I can share five little nuggets about this fantastic conclusion to the Jerry Tyson saga.

– When I asked you to send in your questions about this episode on Twitter, most of you asked “Will we see badass Castle?” over and over again. I can safely assure you that we will see Castle in all his badass glory. Seriously, hell hath no fury like a pissed off Rick Castle. On that note, I have to give some major kudos to Nathan Fillion, who was damn near perfect in his performance in this episode. From realizing Beckett has been taken up until they get her back, his acting was spotless.

– Something else that most of you have been asking about is if we’re getting a reunion scene. Yes, there is one, but I liked the final scene a lot more than the actual reunion scene.

– Alexis and Martha appear very briefly in this episode.

– Beckett is MIA for most of the episode, as in we only get to actually see her towards the end. But yes, Badass!Beckett is back.

– @O10Courtney asked: “How far does Castle go to find his wife?” Let me put it this way, Courtney. He does whatever it takes to get Kate back. Whatever it takes. And I’ll leave at that.

Castle returns with the conclusion to the two parter next Monday, February 16, at 10/9C on ABC.



Castle Preview: The Day of Reckoning

Castle presented a chilling and stunning opening episode to its annual two-part event this past Monday, bringing back the infamous Jerry Tyson and Kelly Nieman as the series’ most notorious serial killers. Naturally, they returned to exact their revenge against Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. The first hour of this two-episode event was an intense and suspenseful psychological thriller, giving viewers the feeling that they were witnessing the most terrifying chess match between the heroes and the villains, all culminating in a cliffhanger that saw Beckett kidnapped and had Castle realizing Tyson and Nieman had been controlling them the entire time. In Monday’s upcoming conclusion, the stakes are much higher, with Beckett’s life hanging in the balance, delivering even more suspense, action, intensity, fright and emotional drama than ever before. And it all leads up to perhaps the most shocking and jaw-dropping moment ever witnessed throughout the run of this series, one that will certainly catch the viewers off-guard and leave them stunned.

While it is remarkably difficult to write about the advanced media screener for the perfectly-titled “Reckoning” without giving away too much of the story, we do have some insights that we can share with our readers to tide you over until the live airing.

First and foremost, this episode does extremely well to continue the cinematic masterpiece of the previous episode, with the legendary Rob Bowman putting his incredible skills to work at the helm as the episode’s director and the uber-talented Robert Duncan’s musical score adding the perfect emotional emphasis throughout. It is truly a beautifully-crafted episode that makes the viewer feel as though they are watching a Castle movie rather than a network television show. But it is truly the writing and the acting that take centre stage in the episode, with creator Andrew Marlowe delivering one of the most brilliant and mind-blowing scripts any of the remarkably talented Castle writers have ever penned while every member of the cast came through with stunning performances to give the viewers more drama, intensity and emotion than we have ever experienced before on this show. It is truly one of the most compelling episodes of the series, one that will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire hour. Oh, and did I mention it will shock you at least a few times along the way?

“Reckoning” also brings back a number of important Castle elements, including aspects of Castle and Beckett’s love story, previous installments of the 3XK storyline, and even Castle’s disappearance. In fact, a character from the past comes back as a central part of the search to find Beckett, a very meaningful and telling piece of repeated dialogue from the series is delivered, and it is abundantly clear that Castle’s disappearance, while not a central part of the episode by any means, has not been forgotten by anyone involved, just as Jerry Tyson and Kelly Nieman have never been forgotten either.

Guest stars Annie Wersching and Michael Mosley factor into the episode heavily once again, and if you thought that Nieman and Tyson were terrifyingly creepy before, it is safe to say that Wersching and Mosely both bring their characters’ spine-tingling personalities to an entirely different level. The obsession that Tyson and Nieman have with Castle and Beckett becomes abundantly clear throughout the episode, making their motivations for revenge all the more terrifying as they show no sense of humanity whatsoever. And there are casualties along the way, showcasing that neither values human life if it serves their greater purpose and that anyone is disposable. Wersching is particularly terrifying as Nieman’s fascination with Beckett reaches a whole new level, one that send chills down one’s spine when her plans for the kidnapped detective become horrifyingly clear to both Beckett and to the audience.

For the early portions of the episode, however, Beckett herself is not seen whatsoever, thus pulling the viewers in completely for Castle’s emotional roller coaster ride as he and everyone else at the 12th precinct work feverishly to try to find her and bring her home alive. The trouble is, nothing is ever as it appears when it comes to Tyson and Nieman, something Castle and Beckett both learned the hard way in the previous episode. With an air-tight alibi for the time of Beckett’s kidnapping, a lack of evidence to even support the theory that Michael Boudreau is actually Jerry Tyson, and absolutely no tangible proof as to Beckett’s whereabouts, the challenge for Castle quickly becomes how to outsmart a pair of the most intelligent and calculating killers who have always held the upper hand.

Nathan Fillion is absolutely brilliant throughout the episode and his performance surpasses any of his previous work as he showcases the depths of Castle’s emotions in ways we have never seen before. Just when we may have thought that Castle’s actions in Season 5’s “Target” and “Hunt” proved how far he would be willing to go for those he loves, what he does in “Reckoning” is definitely far beyond anything we’ve seen before. And while he does get himself into serious trouble for going rogue and taking the law into his own hands, it does not take much for Gates to turn a blind eye to that and allow him to continue the search for Beckett.

Speaking of Captain Gates, Penny Johnson Jerald deserves immense praise for her work in this episode, including one incredibly moving scene in particular where Gates provides emotional support to Castle, as well as some very crucial advice. She also factors heavily into the investigation for Beckett, showing her emotion while also keeping herself calm and focused in order to bring her star detective back home safely. And there is one other scene that she has a large role in that will display how much she cares about Beckett and her entire team, including Castle. But Jerald is not the only member of the ensemble cast who is at the top of their game throughout the hour. In fact, every cast member is involved in this episode and each does exceptionally well with their screen time, displaying varying emotions including some very meaningful moments of remorse from some for their part in never having apprehended Tyson in the first place.

But it truly is the foursome of Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Annie Wersching, and Michael Mosley who take this episode to the highest level possible. And while Fillion carries much of the episode, especially in the earlier portions, Katic certainly delivers the goods once she is brought back into the fold as well. While Castle desperately tries to save the love of his life, it is important to note that Beckett does exceptionally well to fend for herself as well and is certainly no damsel in distress. In fact, her desire to live and return to her husband and her newfound family drives her to take matters into her own hands in order to try to save herself. No matter the pain she must endure, no matter the fear that Nieman inevitably instills in her, Beckett will not go down without a fight, even doing a few things, like Castle, that will likely shock the audience a great deal.

We can not tell you how this episode ends or what happens to Beckett and even if we could, we simply would not want to. This is an hour that must be experienced to be believed and it is, by far, one of the most incredible episodes in the history of the series. For this reviewer, the sheer brilliance of the story, the awe-inspiring acting performances, the cinematic genius in every facet of the production, and the emotional impact that it has and will continue to have throughout the final stretch of the season, all of it made this an episode that would be impossible not to rank at the top of the all-time greatest episodes list. It is the perfect conclusion to the annual two-part event, an episode that will forever stay in our memories, and it takes the characters to entirely new levels while very meaningfully bringing the show back to the core of what it truly is when all is said and done. This is an episode we will never forget.

What are you expecting from Monday’s upcoming episode? What scenes or moments are you most looking forward to? Do you think this is the last we will see of Tyson and Nieman, or will they escape into the shadows yet again? How do you think the two-parter is going to end this season and what impact do you think it will have on everyone involved?

Castle airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC and CTV.



5 Things to Know About Castle’s “Reckoning” Episode

When we last checked in on Castle and Beckett, Kate had been snatched from the street by persons unknown, while the main suspects, Jerry Tyson and Dr. Kelly Nieman, quite publicly hung out at the 12th precinct, looking every inch a couple wronged by the police.

Who really snatched Beckett? And for what purpose? The answers, and a lot of mind games, are coming in Castle’s Feb. 16 conclusion “Reckoning.”

We’ve seen the episode a little earlier than most, thanks to our friends at ABC, and have 5 tidbits to share with you below.

If you’re a regular reader of our Castle articles then you’ll know we don’t go for revealing spoilers that would otherwise ruin your enjoyment of the show (We want you to enjoy it as much as we did).

For that reason, you’ll find only teasers, not show stoppers, ahead. Read on for 5 things to know about Castle’s “Reckoning,” the concluding episode in a two-part story.

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David Amann Teases the ‘Fantastic’ ‘Reckoning’

3XK/Jerry Tyson returned to the CASTLE scene in a major way with Monday’s episode, “Resurrection”: after being presumed-dead, he resurfaced (along with Dr. Nieman) long enough to claim he was another man who had surgery to look like Tyson…and for Beckett to be drugged and kidnapped, while Tyson and Nieman were at the precinct.

The second hour of the show’s nearly-annual two-parter, “Reckoning,” is perhaps even more intense than “Resurrection” (and maybe ten times as twisted), a fact CASTLE boss David Amann attributed, in part, to the team who helped bring it to life.

“[‘Reckoning’ was] written by Andrew Marlowe, the creator of the show, who wrote a wonderful, wonderful script,” Amann gushed. “And it had fantastic direction from Rob Bowman, who is our producing-director. I can’t say enough about that episode; I think it’s fantastic.”

The hour picks up nearly immediately after “Resurrection” ended, as Castle discovered that Beckett had walked into a trap.

“Castle and the 12th precinct are faced with the disappearance of Beckett, presumably at the hands of 3XK, and possibly Kelly Nieman,” Amann teased. “So the search is on to try and find her and find out what happened to her.”

And while Castle and Beckett have been through a number of traumatic experiences — both together and apart — since they started working together, this is the biggest obstacle the duo have faced since tying the knot.

“Castle is very much at the center of that effort, and very much has skin in the game,” Amann allowed. “In a way…he finds himself in the situation Beckett was in [at] the beginning of the season, where he had disappeared and she didn’t know where he was. So now he has a little bit of a sense in looking for her the same kind of terrible situation she was in. And he is going to play a big role in trying to find her.”

As the team searches desperately for her, viewers will also be made to wait a bit to find out what has happened to her.

“Much like the first episode of the season, we are focused mainly in the episode on the search for Beckett, [so] her whereabouts and condition are unknown for a better part of the show,” Amann previewed. “So we don’t really have as much a chance to access what is going on with her [mindset], initially.”



Will Castle Go Too Far to Save Beckett from 3XK?

Get ready to see a much different side of Richard Castle.

On Monday’s Castle, the usually goofy mystery writer is all business as he searches for Beckett (Stana Katic), whom Castle (Nathan Fillion) believes was abducted by serial killer 3XK/Jerry Tyson (Michael Mosley) and his disciple Dr. Kelly Nieman (Annie Wersching).

“We’ve always really liked what 3XK and the Jerry Tyson character did for the show,” executive producer David Amann tells TVGuide.com “3XK and Jerry Tyson have cast a long shadow over the episodes they’ve been in, but in most cases his actual screen time has been somewhat limited. We were really hungry to get a bigger bite at Tyson and have Tyson and Castle, and Beckett interact more directly.”

Even though Castle is sure Tyson is behind Beckett’s disappearance, there’s just one problem: Tyson and Nieman were both at the 12th Precinct when Beckett went missing. “Is the person we’re dealing with really Tyson?” Amann says. “I think the audience is probably with Castle in [believing] that this guyis Jerry Tyson, and he playing a game. But there remains an open question as to whether that’s actually true.”

In order to find Beckett, Castle will somehow have to prove he’s right. But that also involves a waiting game that Castle doesn’t believe he has time to play. “Beckett is missing, and there is a tremendous urgency with Castle to try to find her,” Amann says. “This is his wife, and [Tyson] is a guy who Castle’s well-acquainted with, in terms of past history. He’s ruthless [and] we can assume he is going to do the worst. Castle’s going to do whatever he can to try to stop that and affect Beckett’s recovery.”

But just how far will Castle go? After all, by taking the law into his own hands, Castle might be playing into Tyson’s. “You saw a bit of this in [Castle] in the two-parter when Alexis was taken,” Amann says. “He was ready to do damage to people because the fate of his loved ones are at stake. The same is true here. This is the love of his life, and that’s going to make a man do questionable things.”