Apr 29, 13

Castle Finale First Look

Warning: Spoilers!

Castle‘s Rick and Kate will revisit The Swings in the ABC drama’s Season 5 finale — but is the time for “playing around” over?

The swings, of course, were last seen in the Season 4 finale, when Kate decided it was time to be with Rick. And per ABC’s synopsis for “Watershed,” airing May 13, an interview with a high-profile law enforcement agency forces Beckett to reconsider what she wants out of her job —and out of her relationship with Castle.

“It’s only human to ask those questions at this point,” series boss Andrew W. Marlowe explained as part of TVLine’s in-depth finale preview. “I don’t think it signals that there’s anything ‘wrong’ with the Castle/Beckett relationship, but I do think that she wonders what comes next — and as we get towards the end of the season, Castle himself is going to wonder what comes next. As a guy, he is somebody who doesn’t rush into commitment if things are working well the way they are.”

Elsewhere in the episode, the body of a young woman is found inside the water tank of a flop house — but one of many strange things about her death. “We have a great case,” says Marlowe, “but it kind of takes a back seat to wrestling with the bigger life issues that [Rick and Kate] are in the midst of.”