Aug 09, 13

Castle Scoop From Entertainment Weekly & TV Line

Warning: Mild spoilers

Castle SCOOP! — Lauren

Could there be a Castle spin-off in the works!? Okay, probably not right now. But according to Stana Katic, her scenes with upcoming guest star Lisa Edelstein are definitely good enough to warrant one. “It’s been a wonderful pleasure to work with her,” Katic spilled at last night’s premiere of Elysium. “And she always goes, ‘We should make this a spin-off. If they need a spin-off, it is us two right here.’ So I guess judging by that, she’s glad she joined us too. She’s so lovely and respectful of the story we’ve cooked up until now and also of the one we are developing at this point.” And as for that rumor of disruption on the Castle set? Katic says, “I don’t know what rumors you are hearing, but we are still having a great time on set and we are still making what I think is a great TV show. I hope that rests everything. … I worked with [Nathan] today and it was great. … Things are good.”



Is there some kind of time jump in the Castle season premiere? –Sandra

No, Season 6 opens “right where we left off,” there at the swings, Nathan Fillion confirms. “The only difference, I think, is I’ve had a haircut or two!” But then, once the matters of the marriage proposal and Beckett’s career decision are resolved, “We do jump ahead three or four months.”