Oct 08, 13

Castle Spoilers From E! Online

Ash: I’m the biggest Caskett fan! Got Castle scoop regarding my fave couple??

Stana Katic talked to us recently about the future of Kate and Castle, and it doesn’t exactly sound like smooth sailing ahead. “I think these two characters have strong opinions, and that will create a lot of conflict and opportunity for romance and interest, hopefully,” she tells us. “It would be a new kind of like, new version of the show. But they’ve been revolutionizing the show, I think, for the past two or three years, so I think that they did a nice job of kind of shifting it into the romance last year, and now finally into the engagement, and I’m already filming episode seven or right, and it seems like they’re doing a great job of kind of creating that shift.” Gird your loins, shipper.