Nov 01, 13

Castle Spoilers From Matt’s Inside Line

Warning: Spoilers!

On Castle, will we see how Beckett reacts to the press when they find out about the engagement? –Emma

Yep – and that’s where this casting scoop comes in. In the first episode after the winter break (airing sometime in January), “We’re certainly playing with Beckett being a private person and not really wanting to deal with the engagement announcement [to the media],” show boss Andrew W. Marlowe previews. “But a case comes up with somebody who’s very much in the public eye that gets Beckett to the point where she realizes she’s a private person but she’s in a relationship with somebody who’s a public person – so how does that affect them?”

[Castle creator Andrew] Marlowe mentioned there were some Caskett moments he wanted to get to last season but didn’t. Will we see any of those this year? – Stephanie

The pre-hiatus episode “The Good, the Bad and the Baby” will indeed check one item off Marlowe’s to-do list. “The “really fun” hour, as he describes it, finds Rick and Kate minding an infant mysteriously deposited by a stranger in a church, at Christmastime. “If I’m the fan and I’ve been watching this show, I know a lot about Rick and Kate, but I don’t really know how they feel about more kids,” Marlowe notes. “Does Castle want more? And for Beckett, somebody who has been pursuing her career and her job so doggedly, I’m sure it’s crossed her mind theoretically — ‘Oh, sure. I’ll have kids someday’ — but someday’s coming up.” After all, I myself mused, has Beckett ever had occasion to handle a baby? “We will answer that question,” Marlowe assures, “in a fun, funny, satisfying and charming way.”