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Sep 16, 13

Screencaps From Castle Season 5 DVD Bonus Features

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Aug 28, 13

Castle Season 5 Bloopers

Don’t forget to buy the Season 5 DVD for more extras!

May 18, 13

Two Additional Episode Stills From Castle 5×24

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May 14, 13

Castle 5×24 “Watershed” Screencaps

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May 11, 13

Castle Season 5 Finale: 6 (Vague) ‘Watershed’ Teases

With CASTLE’s season finale right around the corner, how about some teases for what goes down in “Watershed”?

I viewed Monday’s season finale, and in the interest of not ruining things completely, these teases are going to be vague, but hopefully they’ll help get you through the weekend…

  • CASTLE may ruin showers with its case of the week.
  • Beckett’s potential new job doesn’t stay secret for long…and one of her coworkers reacts in a way I didn’t expect.
  •  Lanie and Beckett share a little bit of girl talk.
  • Castle and Beckett have other things on their mind during the hour, which means Ryan and Esposito have to do a bit more case work than usual.
  • Speaking of Ryan/Espo, one of them reveals some good news to other, and it results in one of the small, sweet moments of the episode.
  • The parents are out in full force! As Beckett and Castle figure out what comes next in their lives, he turns to his Martha, and she turns to Jim. And they have some interesting insight.

So, I think that’s all I can say for now. But if you need a bit more, don’t forget to check out some photos from the hour, plus what Molly Quinn (Alexis) had to say about the finale.


May 09, 13

Castle 5×24 “Watershed” Sneak Peeks

May 07, 13

Castle 5×24 “Watershed” Promo

Here’s the promo for next week’s season finale of Castle!

May 07, 13

Castle 5×23 “The Human Factor” Screencaps

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May 03, 13

Castle 5×23 “The Human Factor” Sneak Peeks

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