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Aug 23, 15

Recycle Across America PSA

Mar 27, 15

Celebrities say “Let’s Recycle Right!” for Recycle Across America

Mar 15, 14

Stana Supports Recycle Across America Campaign

Stana’s ads for Recycle Across America came out today. If you weren’t already aware, Recycle Across America is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people understand the importance of recycling, and how to recycle more and recycle right. This is another great cause for Stana to support, since she is someone who cares deeply about making the planet a better place. This is great exposure for the campaign and for Stana as well. As of now, Stana’s billboards are out in Atlanta and Phoenix. Since I’m lucky enough to live in Atlanta, and Recycle Across America was kind enough to send me a map of where Stana’s billboards are located, I went out today and took a photo of it. It makes me incredibly proud to see the work she’s doing to make the planet a better place. You can see photos of the billboard below, all I ask is that if you repost them to please credit. To learn more about this great campaign and what you can do to recycle, visit their website!

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Feb 25, 14

Stana in Recycle Across America Campaign

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