Apr 24, 15

Dear Mr. Castle Project

Read below to find out more about the Dear Mr. Castle project and how you can contribute. For more information, visit their tumblr page.

What is Dear Mr. Castle?
Dear Mr. Castle will be a novel that will feature a compilation of stories, letters and pictures from Castle fans around the globe, dedictated to every single one of the wonderful individuals who helped create it. Each story, letter and picture will be a small personal fragment representing the fandom detailing how Castle has impacted and inspired their lives. Always.

Why is Dear Mr. Castle being created?
I (Jess aka whatthefawkes.tumblr.com) am currently doing a masters degree in Publishing and had to decide whether I wanted to take the normal essay or creative project approach with my dissertation. I chose the creative project. My dissertation will explore my creative process in creating this book, analyzing all my stylistic choices with design, fonts etc.

Where will the money go?
All profits made from selling copies of the book will be donated to the Young Storytellers Foundation in honour of Terri Edda Miller and Andrew Marlowe. Hopefully at the end of this I can auction off signed copies of Dear Mr. Castle (anyone who donates as little as £10 will be in with a shot at winning a signed copy) and all money raised from that will also be given to Young Story. For more information about what Young Storytellers is and does, click here.

Will the cast/crew see the book?
Yes, they will. Copies of the book will be sent to the set.

Will the book contain letters etc from the cast/crew?
It will. It will. I’m currently contacting all the people to try and have as many people from the cast/crew as possible include their own series of letters, anecdotes, images and more. For a list of the people taking part, click here.

Want to be a part of Dear Mr. Castle? Read the submission guidelines and then submit your piece. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS  MAY 31ST 2015

You can also follow Dear Mr. Castle on twitter and facebook for constant updates.