Feb 17, 15

“Give Back To Stana” Project

Please read about the campaign we started and what you can do to help!


On Monday February 16, Stana Katic announced her auction to benefit Alternative Travel Project while on Jimmy Kimmel live.

Jimmy Kimmel: ”What are you auctioning off? What are you selling, your car?”

Stana Katic: “Close. There was a, I’ve told this story before actually, I think on your show, there was a shirt that I wore for our test, for the Pilot of #Castle. It was a tunic top, and I didn’t have time to get the right size shirt, I thought I could tuck it in, I thought it’d be ok, and it wasn’t. So I grabbed some scissors and I went out to the lobby to look for somebody to help me with this shirt, and Nathan (Fillion) my costar was there getting a coffee. And he helped me cut it…”

JK: “And you said, will you mind cutting my dress off,”

SK: “He did it, and the producers saw it and I joked that’s how I got the job.”


Which brings us to this fundraiser and our desire to raise enough funds to buy the shirt, then give it back to Stana Katic because we believe that’s something she should have. ATP means so much to Stana that she’s willing to part ways with this for the sake of raising funds. So we’d like to take one of the things that we feel is important to her and give it back to her. This is the item that possibly changed her professional life forever, and as fans, we would rather her keep it as a memory of all she has accomplished and how grateful we are to her.

The items in Stana’s ATP auction are selling for far more than a lot of us have money for. This is a way for fans to share what they can and make it a collective effort to buy one item and still show their appreciation of Stana and support of ATP.

Now if you’re a fan of Castle, Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic or anyone associated with the show we ask that you please donate. If you’re unable to, then please spread the word #GiveBackToStana. Now we understand it’s going to be hard to do this, but we’re #Castle fans after all, we can raise the money needed. If we DO NOT raise enough money and are overbid on eBay we will still donate the money to ATP on behalf of Stana Katic. Either outcome, all funds raised are going to the Alternative Travel Project.