Mar 10, 14

Happy Five-Year Anniversary to ABC’s Castle

Today marks five years since “Castle” was first broadcast on ABC. March 9th, 2009 kick started the little engine that could with pilot episode “Flowers For Your Grave,” and five years, six seasons and one hundred and twenty-two episodes later, America’s favorite “will they/won’t they” crime-solving duo has broken the so-called “Moonlighting Curse,” scored three consecutive People’s Choice Awards for favorite TV crime drama, and the character-driven crime dramedy with a pivotal love story at its core is still going strong today.

When the audience first met mystery novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), Castle was the plucky sidekick shadowing Beckett around for inspiration, and she his hard-nosed and reluctant muse. Beckett, a brilliant homicide detective with a penchant for solving the “freaky ones,” dedicated her life and career to honoring the victims after the unsolved murder of her own mother. Though incessantly driven crazy by Castle’s reckless antics, Beckett still managed to find herself gradually harboring more and more of a secret and mutual affection for the author playing cop, whose writer’s intuition, wild theories and speculation consistently supplied she and her team at the 12th Precinct with a wealth of insight into the possible motives and explanations behind some of the strangest and most unusual murder cases to rock New York City.

Over the past five years, Castle and Beckett have not only fallen in love, but solved over one hundred cases ranging anywhere from your standard serial killers and lovers scorned to the more bizarre, “Beckett-flavored” cases such as fake (and real!) spy games, a body in a pizza oven, zombies, vampires and Big Foot, and finally ninjas are set to take center stage in a case airing one week from tomorrow. “Caskett,” as the pair has been dubbed by fans, have both survived explosions, being trapped in a freezer, and a dip in the Hudson River; a near-fatal bullet to the chest, and secrets and lies that have nearly torn them apart forever on several occasions throughout the show. Now engaged to be married, Castle and Beckett find themselves planning a wedding, their future, solving their usual cases of the week, and always waiting for that next shoe to drop with recurring villains 3XK and corrupt Senator William H. Bracken, the powerful man behind Beckett’s mother’s murder.

With sizzling chemistry, a beautiful love story, laugh out loud comedy and gripping drama, this quirky procedural reads like a mystery novel and has something in its episodes for just about everyone. Whether you’ve been around since the beginning, or jumped on a little while later down the road, there’s one universal truth that most fans can definitely agree on: it’s an outstanding series in today’s television, and is not one to miss.

To the show that has entertained and inspired its millions of fans across the globe, happy five years, “Castle,” and here’s to many more. Always.