Dec 31, 14

Happy New Year Message From Stana & ATP

Hey guys!

As we are nearing the end of 2014 we wanted to look back and consider the journey that The Alternative Travel Project has taken this year, and to share some of our plans for 2015 with you.

It sure has been a busy year for us here at Team ATP, we re-vamped our website, enjoyed a fantastic day with our friends at CicLAvia, opened our online store, took part in the LA2050 Grants Challenge and released an ATP Schools Package as a free download on our website.

Looking forward into 2015, we have begun to develop a smart phone app to enable our supporters to track their own ATP progress.

Also in store are further videos, fun community events, and a pilot study of ATP in Los Angeles.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the options, accessibility and safety of car-free travel across the globe.

We truly believe that by traveling car-free for just ONE day, our supporters will gain a greater understanding of all that their own cities have to offer.

Worldwide, ATPers are adopting car-free travel days and the reverberating effects of improved health, better air quality, boosted local economies, and stronger communities are proof of the benefits of an ATP Lifestyle.

Your support and participation is the lifeblood of this organization and we thank you.

Happy New Year to all – stay tuned for more ATP goodies in 2015.

Stana Katic,