Apr 24, 13

May Sweeps/Season Finale Scoopapalooza

Warning: Spoilers!

PRE-FINALE EPISODES | Setting the theme for Season 5?s final four episodes (including “The Squab and the Quail,” which already aired sooner than planned), series creator Andrew W. Marlowe notes that Castle and Beckett “have been in a relationship for about a year now, and that’s about the time people start asking questions about where they stand.” Ergo recent guest star Ioan Gruffudd giving Kate some pause, even prompting her to ask Rick, fruitlessly, “Where are we going?” “By the time we get to [the penultimate episode] ‘The Human Factor,’” Marlowe continues, “those questions will aim us towards the complications that come in our final episode, presenting challenges that both characters will have to confront.” But before then, on April 29 fans will get what the show boss hails as “a great gift”-slash-”trip down memory lane” in the form of the episode “Still,” which was postponed a week. A “bonus” episode added “very late in the game” by ABC and fleshed out with clips from many memorable scenes, Marlowe says it turned out “in spectacular fashion” and in real-time offers “a couple moments for our fans to look forward to.”

MAY 13 SEASON FINALE | Explaining the capper’s title, which was conceived by his writer-producer wife Terri Edda Miller, Marlowe says, “Every so often in life, you face a ‘watershed’ moment, and that’s an absolutely perfect title — especially since in our A-case we find a body in a water tank! It speaks to both the personal and professional aspect of the storytelling.” So… what sort of “Watershed” moment is on tap for Kate and/or Rick? “It’s an emotional finale,” Marlowe teases, serving up “a bit of a cliffhanger that I think will propel us into some great, complicated, interesting storytelling as we head into next season — assuming the TV gods are kind and grant us one!”