Feb 03, 15

Participate in Stana’s Birthday Project!

The girls of @StanaBirthday have once again come up with a great project for us to celebrate Stana’s birthday this year. Take a look at what they’ve come up with, and what you can do to participate! Thanks to them for their efforts in organizing this! Credit for this entire post goes to breathlifein on tumblr.



1. Donations

As many of you already know, this year we will be raising funds for the ‘Alternative Travel Project.’ For anyone who isn’t aware, ATP is a global initiative, based in Los Angeles and founded by Stana. Their core philosophy is to encourage people to make a positive contribution to the planet by going car free for as little as one day, and inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle in the process.

In terms of making your donation, it needs to be done through the official ATP website. The link is below, and will also be posted in our twitter bio:


Donations can either be made using your PayPal account or a credit/debit card, through paypal – where it isn’t necessary to have an account.


** Where it gives you the option to leave a comment with the donation, we need you to write Donation from @StanaBirthday.’ This is so that the ATP team will be able to track the donation amount this project raises, and feedback to us accordingly. To see how this is done, see this photo HERE **

*** We remind you that ATP were recently granted the status of being an official 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization, which means that all donations made from the US are tax deductible and the charity will be able to benefit in full from all of our donations! ***

We appreciate that last year a lot of our followers liked the up-to-the-minute donation totals, so in order for us to be able to personally keep track and to be able to set new targets accordingly, we’re asking that you either tweet or (if you’d prefer) email us a copy of your donation confirmation. (Please make sure to remove any sensitive data before doing so though!)



2. Your ATP Pledges

We appreciate that not everyone will be able to contribute with a monetary donation. For this, and in order to allow anyone who wants to contribute to ATP to do so, and after conversations with everyone who engaged with these projects, we came up with this:

What we are going to do is set up a website/blog where you guys can make your own ATP pledges.

We want you to make a commitment – this can be anything from leaving your car at home one day a week to giving up your car altogether, to finding a new way to travel. Whether you do this just once, monthly, weekly, is up to you — but please specify this, because we’re intending to document the total amount of car-free days pledged at the end along with the monetary donation total that we’ve raised!

Then we want you to send us a message which explains what your pledge is and why you’re making it – and if you would like to one wishing Stana a happy birthday!

(You can make these sections as creative as you like. In fact we actively encourage this – to make the page a little brighter. ***Incorporating pictures/photos and decorated pledges are all welcomed.***)

These should be emailed to: stanabirthdayproject@gmail.com no later than FRIDAY 24TH APRIL. There’s a pretty lengthy deadline for this one, but please guys, for the sake of my sanity, don’t everyone leave it until the last minute! 😉

If you set your pledges to begin prior to the deadline, we’d like to hear from you! Has doing this encouraged other people in your lives to ATP? Tell us! Got a pretty picture that you snapped while walking to work? Show us!

We want to know guys, because we’re going to document everyone’s progress so we can look back on it at the end of the project and see what we’ve achieved together. And beyond that, looking back in 6 months or a year, have you extended your pledges? Let’s see!



3. ATP Video

This year’s video project is also going to be in keeping with the ATP theme, and after brief discussions with the team as to what we’re going to do – we’ve decided on a chronological sequence of video showing the progression from day to night, in all of the beautiful countries that you guys call home.

What we want to do is incorporate as many different elements of your respective countries as possible, so pretty much anything goes as long as it fits under the ATP umbrella and shows you incorporating a method of alternative travel.

If you can, we’d love for you to make your videos feature nearby landmarks, or anywhere you think makes where you live special, and that you think Stana would enjoy seeing. Again you’re invited to make these as creative and engaging as you like!

Because of the more challenging and creative nature of what we’re trying to achieve this year, we really need a wide range of submissions shot at various times of the day (morning, midday, evening and night), so if you’d like to give that some thought, it would be beneficial!

All submissions should be recorded horizontally, and should ideally be about 30 seconds to 1 minute long – although we reserve the right to cut them shorter if necessary. Submissions should be emailed to:stanabirthdayproject@gmail.com

We know a lot of people often struggle with what to say in their clips, so to keep it simple:

Wish Stana a happy birthday

Remember to say where you’re from

And if you would like to – tell her the best thing about your city/country.

This year we’re aiming to turn the video into a short documentary, hopefully with the overarching theme being that Stana has connected people from all corners of the world. Because we’re going for an overall more professional finish than previous years, we need your submissions in by FRIDAY 17TH APRIL just so we can guarantee that it will be finished in plenty of time.