Jun 26, 14

Stana Featured in Gloria Magazine

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Hollywood diva from Cetina

Actress born in Canada, who became famous with her role of a detective in a TV show “Castle” in two weeks visited cousins in Sinj, Vrlika, Istra and Zagreb, in front of her grandfather’s house on Peru?ko lake she planted a rosehip tree.

Interviewer: Josip Jurcic

I always love coming to Croatia. Since I have relatives in Sinj, Vrlika, Istra and Zagreb, three weeks ago I went on a big tour and visited them all – Stana Kati? (36), Hollywood actress with Croatian roots, revealed at the beginning of our conversation in the luxury Athens hotel Astir Palace, where local cable television “FOX”, which also shows “Castle” in Croatia, in which she plays detective Kate Beckett, held a big party for the end of the sixth season.

Even though she speaks Croatian fairly well, for easier understanding we talked in English. She showed her human side and social sensitivity even at the very beginning of our conversation with a true remorse for the consequences of the floods with which inhabitants of Posavina and the entire region are facing.

More then 12 million Americans watch Stana Kati? in the role of the NYPD detective, who solves crimes with writer Rick Castle (played by Nathan Fillion), every week, she is also known for her roles as Hane Gitelman in Heroes, Colette Stenger in 24. She acted with Morgan Freeman in movie “Feast of Love”, she appeared in James Bond movie as a Canadian spy Corrine Veneau, in “Double Game” her partner was Richard Gere, and in drama “Big Sur”, she was a famous poet Lenore Kandel, she was also part of the team with Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes and Gabriel Macht in “The Spirit”. This year she won People’s Choice Award for the favorite television dramatic actress in USA, leaving behind her stars like Julianne Margulies and Mariska Hargitay. But, despite her fame, green-eyed beauty never forgets her roots.

She often mentions in interviews that her father Petar is from Koljani near Vrlika and that her mother Rada is from Sinj, her parents moved to Canada before she was born and settled in Hamilton. She’s their eldest child; she has a sister and four brothers. When she was five, her family moved to Illinois, to town Aurora close to Chicago where they owned a furniture store. That summer she went to Dalmatia with her parents for the first time. Enjoying a carefree countryside playing, as a little girl from American asphalt, remained in her memory forever, just like her mother’s cod and chard did, which she learned how to make Dalmatian style.

Invitation to Greece and filming a movie “Tourist” in Italy came in handy to travel around, so she first visited her cousins in In?ija, Serbia, and then she spent several days in Croatia and Montenegro.

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