Jun 21, 13

Stana Hints at Possible Season Six Theories

Stana Katic’s answer in last week’s Castle scoop was perfection!!! Any more Castle scoop for the loyal fans? — Morgan H.

While many of you have theories as to how to interpret Katic’s answer, here’s another hint that could turn your theory upside down. When asked whether she thinks the gang could survive a little time apart — should Beckett take the job in D.C. — the lovely Katic said, “I think it could be a good change of scenery for the audience. And there are ways of bringing it back together. The show has to evolve. The characters have to evolve.” She adds, “There’s ways of drawing these characters together and also giving each character a featured episode. That would be interesting to me. I love learning more about Detective Ryan and Lainie. I think it is interesting to feature them and their lives sometimes. So, you know, it doesn’t have to be the Scooby-Doo gang every episode solving a murder. It is important for a show to grow and blossom.” Thoughts, friends? Think the team could do with some time apart?