Jun 27, 14

Stana in Story Magazine

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Stana Katic
Written by Stefan Tošovi?
Photo Menelaos Myrillas, Bob D’Amico, TV FOX
Life in Hollywood is not a fairytale

American actress of Serbian descent in exclusive interview for the Story, speaks about her everyday life in America, about what did she learned growing up in a large family, reveals when did she cried the last time and what can always give her an adrenaline rush.

Magazine Story had a privilege to speak with a girl who our medias describe like a Serb who seduced Hollywood. Actress Stana Katic (36) is the star of the popular ABC’s TV show Castle, which airs on FOX TV Serbia, and that arrangement gave her a chance to appear in some of the most watched American talk shows, where she proudly spoke about her roots from this part of the world.

She comes from the family of Petar and Rada Katic, Serbs from Croatia, who emigrated from ex Yugoslavia to America. Today she lives under the hill with Hollywood sign on it and proudly treads the red carpets of some prestigious premieres. With a charm and modest lady we met in Athens, where she promoted the beginning of the Castle’s seventh season in Europe. That was an opportunity to embark on the adventure of sketching a portrait of this artist, in the atmosphere where a few agents are taking a really good care for her.

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