Twitter Questions

November 11, 2014

“@hollywoodkatic: How does it feel to be on a show that has been airing for over 6 years?”
@Stana_Katic: Great! It’s a privilege.

“@prettylilgubler: how excited are you for caskett to finally be married”
@Stana_Katic: Feels all over

“@maisygibons: have you seen the episode yet?”
@Stana_Katic: Yes

“@katicland: Where is somewhere you haven’t yet traveled to but would like to?”
@Stana_Katic: Japan

“@ButeraKatic: if you ever got married would you want a big wedding or a small one?”
@Stana_Katic: Intimate

“@CaskettMondler: what do you love most about the character kate beckett”
@Stana_Katic: She’s perfectly imperfect. Vulnerable/strong.. & much more

“@lilycxllins: I think you should come to the uk soon, what do you think?”
@Stana_Katic: I think u & I think a lot alike

“@bruunacezario: When you shoot the Castle’s pilot, you thought would get where it is today on the show?”
@Stana_Katic: Not in my wildest dreams

March 8, 2015

“@dreamofhale: have you watched The Grand Budapest Hotel yet?”
@Stana_Katic: 1. Yes. Very fun

“@ciaomichaella: will we get Caskett babies on #castle ?”
@Stana_Katic: 2. Dunno. Not my call

“@xpenguin: favorite film of all time? What book is on your nightstand?”
@Stana_Katic: That’s two questions… So… Olive Kitteridge 😉

“@StanaKateFan: Can you tell us which of your projects you’re currently working on? :)”
@Stana_Katic: A feature I’m shooting in the spring

“@sassmullen: what is the most inspiring quality in a woman?”
@Stana_Katic: 5. (Forgot to number for a sec there) A smart,kind sense of humor

“@Koticho: Marry me?”
@Stana_Katic: 6. Done

“@harisankar89: Castle Series Finale is approaching,how do u feel?”
@Stana_Katic: 7. Proud of all we’ve accomplished. Grateful 4 being part of the ride.

“@stanasbxckett: If you weren’t an actress, what do you think you’d be doing now?”
@Stana_Katic: 8. Either a nun or a rockstar. Not sure.

“@hisworkwife: a place you’ve always wanted to visit but you haven’t yet?”
@Stana_Katic: 9. Ethiopia

“@JAPRlL: how much do you love your fans!”
@Stana_Katic: 10. Ginormously!!!! 🙂 Goodnight, Humanity! Dream sweet.

July 12, 2015

“@jensduckling: Have you ever been to germany or would you like to go?”
@Stana_Katic: Yes. Munich

“@CastleFan: how do you feel about Penny leaving Castle?”
@Stana_Katic: I love her & love working with her. she’s a wonderful actress & gr8 human.Looking forward to our next time 2gether

“@La_MujerAccion: ice cream or pizza?”
@Stana_Katic: Both

“@santigar913: What do you remember from your trip around Argentina?”
@Stana_Katic: Patagonia & the Gaucho life

“@alexafed98: what is your favorite part about working on Sister Cities!”
@Stana_Katic: I get to work with amazing, talented women: @jess_weixler @SleepintheGardn @RealMichelleT & director @seanhanish

“@she_lollipop: tease something about season 8 please”
@Stana_Katic: I don’t know enough about it 2tease. Just happy @AlexiHawley & @OldManWinter14 are @ the helm & trust their vision

“@silly_cow1981: If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be?”
@Stana_Katic: Right here. Where I am. Always.

“@justincasek8: Would you like to work with @sashaalexander?”
@Stana_Katic: Of course. She’s an amazing girl.

“@ohbruther: Have you crossed anything off your bucket list over the summer?”
@Stana_Katic: #Petra phenomenal place

“@fabkatic: Senator Beckett or Captain Beckett?”
@Stana_Katic: Whatever the bard decides. #EmbracingMyFuture