May 20, 17

Stana’s Absentia Q&A on Twitter

Stana came back to Twitter last week after some time away and did 10 Questions about Absentia. You can see the Q&A below!

@fallforstana: scale from 1-10 how excited are you for us to see Absentia??
@Stana_Katic: 1. 11,000        #ABSENTIA

@katicsjauregui: How was filming in Bulgaria?
@Stana_Katic: 2. Truly amazing. Fantastic people & food. Beautiful nature. #ABSENTIA 

@BiaBertechini: What do you think about coming to Brazil to promote #Absentia?
We would love to see you here
xoxo, bia.
@Stana_Katic: 3. Thinking about it.  #ABSENTIA #StanasTen


@princessmarfie: what is the most embarrassing / memorable experience during a shooting? #StanasTen
@Stana_Katic: 4. There are many, but 1 was when @TheNeilJackson took @heusinger & I along with friends to an AMAZING Bulgarian escape room #ABSENTIA 

@beckettsmoak: can you describe #Absentia in one word??
@Stana_Katic: 5. Family #ABSENTIA #StanasTen 

@flowering_rebel: How many episodes of #absentia will there be?
@Stana_Katic: 6. Ten #ABSENTIA #StanasTen 

@rawrkatic: how was it to work with this cute baby?

@Stana_Katic: 7. Super easy. He was a pro. Knew all his lines & he was in character the whole time.  #ABSENTIA #StanasTen

(deleted tweet) Describe Emily in 3 emojis.
@Stana_Katic: 8.

@woride: What am i missing here ???? Question 9 & 10. Did you fall asleep on us ?

@Stana_Katic: no… it’s just hard giving no. 10 without revealing a MAJOR spoiler. #YourQuestionsAreTooGood !! #ABSENTIA #StanasTen

@cutiekbex: what do you thing about the Absentia cast?
@Stana_Katic: Proud of them. Everyone brought their A-game. It was a real pleasure working alongside this talented group. @AbsentiaSeries #ABSENTIA 

@Maha_K4: Can you tell us when #Absentia will premiere ??
@Stana_Katic: 10. Different start dates in different countries. This week we do Panels & industry Screenings in LA. #ABSENTIA @AbsentiaSeries