Dec 26, 14

The Twelve Days of Castle: G&G’s Top 12 Castle Scenes of 2014

The last 2014 episode of Castle was December 8th.  For a new episode of Castle we all have to wait.   Now it is time for holiday cheer, whether that’s Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Happy New Year!  …And that’s the end of my rhyming because I am not a member of the Castle household!  However, one thing I liked in the “Bad Santa” episode was the idea of  the Castle household all summing up the major moments of their past year.  This got me thinking.  What were my favorite moments of Castle in 2014?

There were a total of twenty-two Castle episodes in 2014 – twelve in season six and ten in season seven.  Some episodes – like “Veritas” –  could be listed as one giant great moment in the series, but where’s the challenge in that?  Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and his family tradition of describing a person’s year in a poem limited to six lines was a daunting undertaking for detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).  As such, I decided to use the twelve days of Christmas model to choose the 12 most significant Castle scenes of 2014. my scene choices.

To do this I went back over all the major moments of those twenty-two episodes via YouTube clips and in some cases I rewatched an episode before deciding if a scene would make the cut or not.  The sad part of this process was discovering that some scenes in season six that I’d loved prior to 6×23 were simply unbearable to watch now.  I had thought Castle and Beckett finally being married would make seeing those scenes a happy memory again – but it didn’t.  When you have an entire season dedicated to a wedding that gets blown apart by a storyline that makes no sense  I guess the reminders are always going to bring back bitter feelings and wondering about the waste.

Still, not every episode focused on the Caskett wedding, and there were many scenes for me to sort through from seasons six and seven.  Keeping this list to 12 was not easy!  I left out some of my favorite moments.  Some of my choices are dramatic, some hilarious. Some are two or three minutes – others under 60 seconds.  Regardless of the overall episode, all of these scenes are epic!  Character-wise they are all insightful and illuminating. Some demonstrate the various sides of the Caskett relationship, others are milestone moments.  All of them remind me why I’ve watched this show for over six years. So, without further ado, here are my twelve favorite Castle scenes of  2014.

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