Sep 28, 14

Top 10 Times ‘Castle’ Made Us Swoon So Hard

If you are one of the few folks on planet Earth who hasn’t yet succumbed to the unrivaled swoon-worthiness that is Nathan Fillion—be it as space cowboy Captain Mal Reynolds in Firefly, as frequent Joss Whedon muse, or as Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog—then let me be the first to shame you. Just kidding! What I really mean is let me be the first to welcome you, as once you read this list of the most heart-pumping, smile-inducing, and flat-out super swoon moments that ABC’s Castlehas blessed us with over the last six years, there’s no turning back. Welcome! You’re going to love it here, I promise.

Behold, the top 10 times Castle made us just DIE.


Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett’s (Stana Katic) first kiss: Castle and Beckett finally lock lips halfway through season 3 (“Knockdown”), but not in the way we were all hoping for. In a last-ditch effort to distract a potential suspect, Castle lays into Beckett with a passionate, heart-melting kiss. It lasts for maybe a few seconds too long, and in that moment the list of Best First Kisses Ever got its newest addition. Castle even mutters “That was amazing” after the weak-in-the-knees lip-lock, but it still took almost 1.5 more seasons for them to get together! Ugh, love.


Castle tells Beckett “I love you” as she’s near death after being shot: Forever and ever, until the end of time, when I watch this scene I will weep. It wasn’t another sneaky grin from Castle, or a missed glance from Beckett, it was the end-all, be-all declaration of L-O-V-E. Sure, it took Beckett nearly dying in his arms for him to say it, but who cares! Be still my heart. And bring me a tissue.


When Castle dresses up as a “space cowboy”: Okay, so this is swoon-worthy in a different way in that it makes my geek heart go pitter-patter in a way I can’t quite explain. Castle has made several little hints at Fillion’s time over on Serenity, and each time it’s like a little wave to the audience. One of my other favorites? This interaction, when Beckett is trying to defend her favorite sci-fi show to Castle:




When they traveled back in time for “The Blue Butterfly”: So I’m a sucker for anything retro. Period pieces are my jam! So when Castle took a trip back to the 1940s for a special film-noir episode, I was all but done for. The way Castle and Beckett looked in 1940s garb was enough to make a grown man swoon, but the story and their interactions in this alternate reality (keep in mind this happened before the two officially got together) was just the cherry on a delicious vintage cake.




Beckett tells Castle she wants to be with him (aka when they finally hook up!): In the season 4 finale, it happened. It really, really happened. After nearly dying twice that season, Beckett finally realizes that what she’s scared to lose the most, the one thing that makes it all worth fighting for, is Castle. In her quest to bring justice to her mother’s murderer, she almost loses it all. But in one of the steamiest scenes ever, she makes her way to Castle’s apartment, wet from the rain (because of course), and tells Castle what she really wants: him.


Every time they say “I know who the killer is!” or some other exclamation in unison:Don’t act like you don’t think this is the cutest thing ever. Castle and Beckett were always so much more alike than I think either one of them (mainly Beckett) really wanted to admit, whether it was their top-notch smarts, their spot-on wit, or their love of sci-fi. And when the two of them get to the same conclusion at the same time during a case, it usually results in an adorable simultaneous assertion like “I know who the killer is!” or “It was the butler!” This just makes me die of happiness.


Every time Castle brings Beckett her coffee: It’s such a small gesture, but from the very beginning it was a very real, very subtle thing Castle did that showed his affection for Beckett. Each time they head to a crime scene, he’s got her taken care of. And on the rare occasions when Castle didn’t know Beckett wouldn’t be there to accept the hot cup o’ joe, you can clearly see the quick twinge of disappointment on Castle’s face. THE COFFEE IS A METAPHOR, YOU GUYS. It’s love. It’s their hot, steaming, life-fulfilling love. And he was offering it to her even when she didn’t realize she needed it.

tumblr_mmrqssa9QH1r4wvwvo4_r1_500 proposal 


The proposal: Well, duh. Castle has always wanted more, and he finally just lays it all out on the table.

Beckett: Oh my God. Oh my God, you’re proposing.
CastleOkay, you’re surprised.
Beckett: Of course I’m surprised! I thought you were breaking up with me.
Castle: By offering you a ring.
Beckett: Well, you just—you seemed so serious.
Castle: Of course I’m serious. This is the most serious thing I’ve ever done.

tumblr_lhd7i0WhXE1qcxvobo1_400 tumblr_lluon5Oxsa1qgvlmc

Castle and Beckett almost freeze to death: In which Castle and Beckett are stuck in a freezer, slowly but surely dying, and the two of them essentially-but-not-obviously spill their deepest, darkest feelings for each other. When Beckett tells Castle, “Thank you for being there,” and he simply replies “Always,” my tiny nerd heart almost exploded.


“You have no idea” in the pilot: Kate Beckett: 1; Castle: 0. Seriously, it was game over from day one.


Bonus Moment: The entire “Still” episode: At the end of season 5, Castle and Beckett had officially been “together” for just a little while, even though they’d been together in our hearts since the first episode. In “Still,” Beckett gets in one of the tensest situations she’s ever been in when she accidentally steps on a bomb trigger, trapping her into standing still until the bomb squad can defuse it. And even though she’s just a step away from certain death, Castle refuses to leave her side. What ensues is an adorable and truly touching episode in which the two lovebirds swap stories on how they made it down the bumpy road to be a couple, sweetly fighting over who fell for whom first. Gah!

What I’m basically saying is that Castle is amazing, and if you aren’t watching it, you should be. For love.

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