Mar 24, 15

TV Insider: Ask Matt

Question: So Castle has started shooting its 21st episode of the season, with only two more left. Wouldn’t they know by now if Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion would renew their contracts? Is it normal that the production wouldn’t know which way their stars are going to go regarding renewals? Because I’d have thought that, probably going into pre-production on the season finale, they’d already know if it’s also the series finale. Castle has a very passionate (and vocal) fan base. People will probably rage if they spring on us last minute, “Hey, enjoy the series finale, cause it’s the last you’ll ever see of the show!” Wouldn’t it be reasonable if they let fans know this kind of stuff in advance? Up until what point can Stana and Nathan renegotiate their contracts before ABC has to make an actual decision on the future of the show? — Gabi

Matt Roush: You don’t need to tell me how passionate and vocal Castle‘s fan base can be. This issue has dogged the show all season, and my take on such business matters (which I don’t cover or monitor on a regular basis) is that more often than not, these deals tend to get worked out on their own timetable, and I urge fans to be patient. Castle has run successfully long enough that it deserves to build up to a series finale, and I’d be surprised if the stars don’t eventually sign, even if it isn’t until after the current season wraps. With that in mind, it’s probably in the show’s best interest for the season not to end with another cliffhanger unless things are ironed out by then. ABC would obviously like to have the show around a while longer, since it’s still doing just fine on Mondays, but negotiations like these can be tricky and tedious, and right now, easing fans’ anxiety probably isn’t a terribly high priority.