Sep 02, 14

TV Line: Fall TV Spoilers


Unless you’ve been vacationing under a rock, you know this much about the season-ending inferno which a distraught Kate laid witness to: Rick was not in the car. As the how/why/who of that misdirect/Rick’s vanishing is explored over the first run of episodes, showrunner David Amann says the shocking truth will not tear “Caskett” apart but “make them stronger.” It also will crack open a brand-new, overdue chapter in our title character’s backstory. “We’ve been conscious for a while of wanting to dig a little more deeply into Castle, but we also felt like there was the mythology of Beckett[‘s mother’s murder] to resolve,” Amann explains. “Now that it has been, we have some ‘real estate’ in which we can explore Castle without it being in competition with things going on in Beckett’s backstory.”

BONUS SPOILER | Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe notes that although Senator Bracken is now paying the piper for his role in Johanna Beckett’s aforementioned offing, “We still have two [pieces of mythology] very much in play” – 3XK and/or his disciples, and spy daddy Jackson Hunt.

RETURN DATE | Monday, Sept. 29 at 10/9c (ABC)