Disclaimer & Privacy Policy


Stana Katic Central is an unofficial fansite with no affiliation to Stana Katic or anyone associated with her. This site is fan run, and was made solely to promote Stana and her career, and as a source for other fans. This website is non-profit and claims no ownership to any material seen or used. All photos and media are copyright to their respective owners and is being used for entertainment purposes only. No infringement is intended. If any content on the site belongs to you and you would like it removed, please contact me before taking any legal action.


Privacy Policy

If you’re seeing this notice on any Stana Katic related website, it means we respect her private and personal life. Even though Stana is a public figure, we know that behind the fame there’s also a human being, just like everyone else. Stana has stated how much she values her private life, and we believe we should respect her by keeping that private life off the internet. As fans, we need to think about how it must feel to have the line between personal and professional life blurred. Being a public figure does not mean you have all aspects of your personal life placed under a microscope for all to see.

What you’ll find on this website is information on Stana’s career and projects, and pictures from public appearances, movies, TV shows, and on set with guest/co stars. What you won’t find here is pictures from her personal life (unless released by the actress herself), unauthorized fan photos, paparazzi pictures and info on her family. Just because information and photos are on the internet, doesn’t mean they should be, or that it is for the public to see. We certainly don’t want to be the people responsible for releasing/sharing it.